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We're offering all bakery businesses exclusive rates for their gas. Focus on the rise of your dough not the rise of your gas bills.

Running a bakery is hard work, with lots of challenges, so let us take care of your gas supply. Whether you're using gas just for baking or for heating and hot water too - at Flogas we'll look after you. This means giving you great prices on your gas, being reliable, easy to deal with, and in general, just better than your current supplier.

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Same supply, better service

What's the difference between gas suppliers?

The service. We don’t want to be just another energy company. We’ve worked hard to ensure that we will pick up in 30 seconds and you can talk to a real person based in the UK whenever you need to.

Out of contract next year?

Don't worry, you can still take advantage of this special offer. Just get in touch with our team at Flogas Energy today.

You're in safe hands

Flogas Britain is one of the UK's leading business gas suppliers.

We have over 30 years' experience providing alternative energy solutions to commercial customers in the UK. From the supply of Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) and Mains Gas to Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) - we deliver projects and services that are reliable, safe and expertly managed.

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Don't miss out on these great rates for bakery businesses.
Use our online quote form or call us quoting BKYFE18.

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