Business Gas Meter Readings

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Submitting a gas meter reading

It's a really good idea to submit your commercial gas meter reading on a monthly basis, as it stops us having to estimate your usage. This means you’ll only pay for the gas you use - no more, no less.

We recommend you submit as many meter readings as you can to ensure your bill is as accurate as possible. This will also improve the accuracy of your online reporting tools, making your business gas use forecasting more accurate.

If we need to estimate usage, it will be based on your previous energy consumption, and any necessary adjustment will be made when you next submit a business gas meter reading.

Taking your own business gas meter reading

Taking your own meter reading is very easy.

  1. Note the date of the meter reading.
  2. Then, take a look at the front of your mains gas meter. You’ll see a panel with a number sequence on black and red – simply note down the numbers in black.
  3. Have your Flogas Energy account number handy.


Enter the reading via your online account at, or Call our friendly team on 0800 022 3232, or email your reading, account number and business address to