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Stop wasting time looking at other suppliers.

Shopping around for the best business gas price deal is tiring, plus utility companies on price comparison websites try to lure you in with a rate you’ll love in the first year and hate in the next. 

Save yourself the hassle and expense by coming direct to a straightforward supplier who won't mess you about.

At Flogas Energy, we’ll give you our best price forever when you switch to our extremely competitive fixed price tariff. 

We’ll never switch you to a more expensive variable tariff, and we’ll contact you three months before your contract ends so you can sign up to it time after time.

Why switch to Flogas Energy?

We’ll make you happy

If you’re not happy with your current supplier ‘ripping you off’ by leaving you on a more expensive variable rate tariff, switch to our fixed rate tariff and you’ll be smiling all the way.

Simple uncomplicated pricing

We keep things simple. We have one, extremely competitive fixed tariff, so you know you’ll be getting a great deal the whole time you’re with us.

Dedicated account manager

We’ll give you a dedicated account manager who’s there for you whenever you need them. You’ll have loads of ways to reach them too, including landline and mobile phone, WhatsApp, Skype and email.

Plus, if you call our call centre, we guarantee your call will be answered by a real person within 15 seconds (during office hours), because we know you’re too busy to wait on hold.

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